About our site


This website introduces business support organizations that offer training, consulting and information resources for SMEs, regional governmental institutions, investors and donors on both national and international levels. These business support organizations work together with the public and private sectors to increase business opportunities within the region.


Our joint mission is to make the Odessa Oblast a region of prosperity, health and luck.


Our main goals include:

- promoting the Odessa Oblast as an excellent region for investment

- facilitating export of Odessa Oblast products, services and technologies

- participating in the development of economic strategies for the region. 


We also focus on:§ facilitation of the efficient communication between business support institutions and the business itself

- collection and dissemination of information on the Oblast SME sector

- support to innovation and know-how transfer

- support to new education initiatives that meet the demands of the economy

- facilitation of crossborder cooperation in the framework of the Lower Danube Euroregion

- direct support to SMEs in training and consulting as well as information provision, organization of economic missions, exhibitions, partner search etc. 


We have full support from the Governor of the Odessa Oblast. See the governor ‘s statement below: ‘The only way to develop our regional economy is together with our best entrepreneurs. I would like to see the Odessa Oblast Regional Development Agency function as an effective organisation, where administration and private enterprises meet, discuss, decide and work together for what is best for our economic future, creating more and better jobs for our people.’

For your direct link with the Governor of the Odessa Oblast, call Regional Development Agency at +38 048 7210621, 7210731.